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QuestLove in the Heart of Hollywood

Questlove has been one of the most recognizable names in music for some time now as producer, DJ, music journalist and most notably, drummer for Grammy Award-winning band, The Roots.  Now as the drummer and joint frontman of the in-house band for Jimmy Fallon’s top rated Late Night show, he’s also showing off his comedic skills and basking in the prime time spotlight.

Qlove stopped by The Redbury during a recent visit to Hollywood and shared with us a few fun facts on what he loves most about Hollywood, The Redbury, and how he travels like a rock star.

What’s your favorite part about staying in Hollywood?

Not having to endure intense over-long drives on the highway. You might as well stay where the action is.

What do you absolutely have to have when travelling?

My five computers. One personal, two my DJ computer, three my backup DJ computer, four the computer with all the comedy television shows that I watch, five the computer with all the drama television shows I watch.  I also roll with 8 terabyte hard drives because who’s the one guy that has the complete discography of the Polish funkster Bemibem. This guy.

What are a few of your go to spots in Hollywood for food, drink, shopping, etc.?

Every trip, I go to Sushi Park on Sunset (my personal belief is that is the best sushi that California has to offer) Another tradition is Crustaceans and my guilty pleasure is Charlie’s on Pico, best fish and wings ever. Trois Mec in my opinion is Michelin worthy and for the foodie snob.

What is it that you love about visiting The Redbury?

Any hotel that greets me with a record player and the Commodores discography on wax, had me at hello.

What do you have in the works creatively that your most excited about?

I’m at the phase of my life where everyday is just a natural highlight. There’s always an album around the corner, there’s always late night television around the corner, there’s always a grandiose dj gig around the corner, there’s always immersive food/music collaborations around the corner. So I guess I can say fun for me is around the corner.